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The extensive variety of URREA pipe tools is designed to offer professional plumbers or pipefitters
maximum quality and selection in tools designed to make their work fast and accurate. There are
tools for cutting, flaring, bending, fastening, and handling pipes made of copper, aluminum, steel,
stainless steel, and plastic.
URREA pipe tools are ideal for installation, repair, or maintenance of systems such as compressed
air, gas, water and oil, pumping systems, electricity plants, air conditioning and cold systems, and
in general for the installation, maintenance and servicing of any piping system.
Regardless of the type of pipe work, URREA tools are recognized for their quality, durability, and
guaranteed ease of use. Each URREA tool is specially designed to provide extraordinary service
in heavy work.
Also, there are specialized pipe tools to place or remove plastic or glass pipes, or for working in
corners, with tools that deliver fast and strong fastening at difficult angles.
URREA pipe tools
• Include sets of pipe threaders, power benders, wrenches, cutters, flaring tools, pliers, and pipe
- Selection of hand and power pipe tools.
- Steel, chain, or strap jaws.
- For pipes 1/8” to 12”.
- Sizes 3” to 60” and 75 mm to 1,524 mm.
• They are combined and grouped in more than 11 sets in plastic or metal cases, allowing you to
safely transport them and keep them organized.
• They are made of steel, malleable iron, or highly resistant aluminum.
• The jaws in pipe wrenches are hot-forged, precision machined, and heat-treated to offer the best
combination of hardness, tensite strenght, and resistance to torsion.
• All URREA pipe tools are painted to resist corrosion.
• They meet national and international, American and European, standards.
• The quality image of these products is reinforced by an indelible and permanent mark showing
the country of origin. This mark meets ASME/ANSI norms, as well as rules established by the
Federal Trade Commission in the United States.
The information in this chapter is organized as follows:
Technical Standards.
Detailed Product Specifications.
• Safety recommendations.
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